Straight 2 Bank

| Best Practices for Straight2Bank Mobile |

  1. Always download apps from trusted sources.
  2. Keep your phone's Operating System (OS) and apps updated.
  3. Restrict access to your phone with a password ,PIN or pattern and turn on security controls (wipe after failed attempts, set your phone to lock after a short period of invactivity etc.)
  4. Do not store passwords or account numbers on your mobile phone (unless you use a secure password vault software).
  5. If you lose your phone, report it to your mobile phone provider immediately or take proactive measures such as phone wipe.
  6. Make a note of your phone's IMEI number (dial *#06# to get it). This is required when reporting a lost phone.
  7. iPhone users should never jail-break their device and should activate encrypted iTunes backup.
  8. Avoid connecting to public and unencrypted WiFi hotspots and network. Always use home,office or know networks